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The Function Of Music For Human Life

Function Of Music For Human Life

Function Of Music For Human Life

Music is an important element in human life. Since time immemorial music already plays a role in several functions based on the type of music itself. Of the various types of music, music functions can be grouped into several sections as follows:

1. Music As a Means of Self-Expression

A music artist will be easier expression or express his feelings through music. In addition to show his talent, the disclosure of feelings through music will be more easily accepted. Especially when in the form of vocal music containing words arranged nice and easy to understand. Accompanied by the strains of tones representing an expression that will dikeluaran. Suppose, then proposed a sad expression, tones played in the form of tones to a slow and smooth. Conversely, if the tone is fast and passionate usually represents the expression pleased and happy.

2. As a Means Music Entertainment

The music is very effective in entertaining. During a music that was considered beautiful, it is definitely the music can be entertaining. Someone even need music to entertain yourself when you're bored or sad. More than entertaining, the music can also neglect the human from his daily life.

3. Music As Therapy Facility

Music as therapy was originally introduced in World War II to treat victims of the war. Now music widely used for the treatment of mental illness or paralysis of organs. Music can also be useful to refresh system of the brain after long use at work.

4. Music As A Means Ceremony

Music in Indonesia, it would always be closely associated with certain ceremonies such as marriages, births, deaths, as well as religious and state ceremonies. In some areas, the sound of a musical instrument believed to have magical powers.

5. Music For Commercial Facilities

For music artists or musicians, music is one source of income. They record the results of their work in the form of a tape or CD. Then their work will be sold to the market. From the proceeds they earn income to make ends meet. In addition to the cassette and CD media. The musicians also perform the charge. Music is also often dikotrak as accompaniment of a film or so-called OST (Original Soundtrack). Usually the music is taken as the OST has an association with the film in the form of the same account to describe the contents of the film. Even the music is also often used as the OST of a rent, be it on television or radio.

6. As a Means Dance Music

Music always suitable when associated with dance. Both are interconnected with a similar pattern and rhythm of each other, a dance without the accompaniment of the rhythm of the music will feel empty (blank) and makes it difficult for the dancers. When dancers perform the dance movement that takes tempo and rhythm of movement. In Indonesia, the sounds or music created by the community to accompany the dances. Therefore, most of the dance area in Indonesia could only be accompanied by the music of their own areas. Surely abroad too. Such as dance, ballet and so forth.

7. Music As a Means of Education

As a medium of education, the music used in the learning process in schools. Music is used to create a sense of patriotism to their students through patriotic songs. Not only that, folk songs can also be used for the education of students in terms of growing tolerance towards differences in ethnicity, race and religion. In education, music can also be used as a means of self-development of students. Music can also be great for someone shaping personality. As said by Hatta, that music can instill a feeling smooth and subtle minds in the human soul. With music, the soul is to have a sense of harmony and rhythm. Both are good grounds to revive a sense of justice. But in music education, should be kept out songs that weakens the soul as well as easily lead to lust.

8. Music As a Means of CommunicationIn 

some places in Indonesia, the sounds of certain instruments that have a particular meaning also for members of community groups. Noises that have a particular rhythm pattern which indicates that there is an event or activity that would like to be informed to the public. The instruments commonly used in Indonesian society is like a gong, drum in the mosque, and the bells in the church.9. Music As A Means CreativityCreative is a trait that is attached to the man who is associated with the ability or power to create. The nature of this creativity is always necessary to accompany human behavior in order to meet their needs.
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