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How To Know The Principle Of Hypnosis

Principle Of Hypnosis

Principle Of Hypnosis

Do you know why when a person is hypnotized, then he could have easily commanded to do anything without a fight?

The human mind has a few layers. In general, every human being has three sections mind, the conscious mind (conscious mind), the subconscious mind (subconscious mind) and the unconscious mind (unconscious mind).

The conscious mind (Conscious Mind) is a part of our minds that is both logic and analysis. This mind works to find the reasons why we want to do something. Briefly, the conscious mind is the system that we use when thinking in everyday life. Conscious mind has focused nature and have limited memory, resulting in a conscious, a man can only think of 2 to 9 objects simultaneously.

The subconscious mind (the Subconscious Mind) which is part of the mind that is responsible for the storage of long-term memory and emotional expression. System in the subconscious mind is very spacious and has no capacity limit. It functions to carry out customs, feelings, intuition, permanent memory and personality. In studying hypnosis, this part that is accessible and invited to dialogue.

Unconscious mind (Unconscious Mind) is a system that controls body functions that altogether are beyond our control, such as respiratory, immune, heart rate, blink of an eye, digestive, etc.

The influence of the conscious mind in man's life is only 10% to 12% compared to the influence of his subconscious. This means that the subconscious mind of every human being on average 9 times more powerful than the conscious mind.

The dotted lines in the image above illustrates the Critical Factor. Critical factors are part of the human mind is always analyzing all incoming information and determine our rational actions. Critical factor protecting the subconscious mind of ideas, information, suggestions or anything that can change the mind program which is embedded in the subconscious. Suggestion or any command given in a conscious will be hindered by the critical factor, so the effect is very small or even none at all.

That is why it is always difficult for a smoker to quit smoking. The smoking habit is the work of the subconscious mind, whereas the desire to quit is the logical result of the conscious mind. Smokers want to quit smoking because of adverse health and a waste of money, but the logic is that smoking is unhealthy and wasteful unbeaten with custom entrenched in the subconscious mind.

Hypnotic work by bypassing the critical factor and directly communicate with the subconscious mind. Bypassing the critical factor is done by induction. Induction is done by making the conscious mind becomes busy clients, puerile, bored or tired, so that the door to the subconscious mind, which is a critical factor to be open. Because the critical factor is open or weak, then the suggestion will directly reach the subconscious mind.

Critical factor becomes inactive when the client is experiencing the hypnotic trance. That is why all the suggestions given will be accepted by the subconscious mind, and the next will be stored as a program of mind.
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