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Definition, Ethics, Benefits and Elements Of Business Communication

 Business Communication

Definition Of Business Communication

Business communication is the exchange of opinions or ideas and information that have specific objectives that are presented in a personal or impersonal. With symbols or certain signal, which is done continuously for the benefit of a person's business being run. In other words, business communication is a communication technique that is used to convince a person or a group on a business we are doing

Elements Of Business Communication

1. Aim. Having a goal here in the sense that in communicating the business should have a goal that has been set in advance in line with goals of the organization or group that can intertwine better cooperation.
2. Exchange. Tradeoffs in minimal business communication involves two or more people to exchange ideas or ideas, so they can support each other with the provisions that have been agreed.
3. Idea. Ideas or opinions is the content of the message that shape vary depending on the destination and the situation or it could mean also disclaimer or instruction
4. Using Personal and impersonal channels. That the intention to use the channel of personal and impersonal is using a particular medium that can reach millions of people simultaneously
5. Using symbol. Using symbols intended to be easily understood and accepted by the recipient of the message  
6. Achievement destination
7. Setting goals to be achieved and attempt to realize them as well as possible

Business Communication Ethics

In everyday life ethics can be interpreted ordinances or rules of doing something, So in relation to business communication can be interpreted as a set of basic principles or rules of doing communication Which includes all components of an individual, company, industry, and the million people who are related to the procedures for doing business. For example, in the case of a company in terapkannya a model of nepotism in recruitment of new, rational considerations, many abandoned, including the internal recruitment.Of course this will cause disappointment to potential employees and dedicated, but has no place in the absence of the company's business communications with employees

Benefits of business communication

Once we know the sense of business communications for sure we will understand the benefits obtained from business communication influence on the process and the survival of a business that we run.

This business communication benefits could be bad or good depending on the ethics of business communication that we run, if we want a good result, then use good business ethics and the right and vice versa.