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Definition Of Human Rights

Definition Of Human Rights
The cornerstone of human rights became the forerunner to the presence of justice and civilization, uniting differences without distinction between religion, race, tribe, and nation. This statement also received support from the experts so as to provide some understanding of human rights, according to experts, the following terms of human rights according to the experts:

1. Definition of ham according JOHN Locke

JOHN Locke defines human rights is a right endowed by God that is naturally where human rights have not been and can not be separated from the essence, so that human rights is something sacred and must be maintained.

2. Definition of ham according to David Beetham and Kevin BOYLE

Understanding Human rights  by David Beetham and Kevin boyle is a fundamental freedom and has a connectedness with the human capacity and human needs.

3. Definition of ham according to C. de Rover

Definition of Human rights  according to C. de Rover is the same legal rights to every human being both poor and rich, women or men. Although the rights that they have violated the ham but they still can not be eliminated. Rights is the law, which must be protected from national rules that all fulfilled so that the ham can be upheld, protected and upheld.

4. Definition of ham according to Frans Magnis Suseno

Understanding by Franz Magnis-Suseno ham is ham guard human dignity, human beings have ham for her man

5. Definition of ham according to Miriam Budiardjo

Human rights  is a human rights which is basically owned by every human being from birth and his presence in the community.

6. Definition of ham according to Oemar Seno Adji

He interpreted ham is a right that has been glued together human dignity, which is what rights should not be violated by anyone.

7. Definition of ham according to G.J Wolhos

Human rights are a number of entrenched rights and inherent in man, these rights should not be dihingkan, because it eliminates the same rights you eliminate the degree of humanity.

Of the many the sense of ham according to the experts above, we can give the conclusion that human rights is something fundamental in human beings, there is no one who can remove and merusaka Ham, when you want to escape from human rights then you are not appreciate the degree of humanity.

8. Definition of ham according to Leah Kevin 

that the conception of human rights has two basic meanings. The first is that the rights become essential and indispensable right of a person just because he is a human being. These rights are moral rights that come from being human of every human being. The second meaning of human rights are legal rights, both nationally and internationally

9. Definition of ham according to Komnas HAM

is "Human Rights covers all areas of human life, whether civil, political, and economic, social and cultural. Five of them can not be separated from one another. Political rights and civic means nothing if people still have to wrestle with poverty and misery. But, on the other hand, the problems of poverty, security and other reasons, can not be used consciously to commit violations of human rights and political freedom and social community. .. Human rights do not support individualism, but dam it up to protect individuals, groups and classes, in the midst of the violence of modern life. Ham is a real sign of solidarity with the citizens of a nation that is weak.
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