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Definition, Objects, And Scope Of Educational Psychology

Definition, Objects, And Scope Of Educational Psychology

A. Definition of Educational Psychology

EducationalPsychology is a discipline that investigates the psychology of psychological problems that occur in the world of education. Mean while, according to the American encyclopedia, definition of educational psychology is a science that is more principled in the teaching process involved with the discovery- discovery and apply the principles - principles and ways to improve keefisien in education.  

Description of the above, we can also learn the understanding of psychology and educational sense it sendiri.Sepanjang or while we still argue that psychology is a science that seeks to investigate all aspects of the basic personality of human behavior, both physical and spiritual, both theoretically and by looking at its use in practice, either individually or in conjunction with other humans or the environment, we may say that 'educational psychology' was in fact already included in psychology, and are undisputed or separated into something

scientific discipline of its own. Educational psychology can be concluded that educational psychology is a branch of psychology that the decomposition and research more emphasis on the issue of growth and development of children, both physically and mentally, which is closely related to education issues especially affecting the process and learning success.

B. Objects Assessment of Educational Psychology

The object of study of psychology education without ignoring the teacher psychology lies on the learner. Because the essence of education is a service specifically designed for learners. Therefore the object of study of educational psychology, in addition to theories of educational psychology as a science, but leaning more on the psychological aspect of learners, especially when they are involved in the learning process.

According to Glover and Ronning that the object of study in educational psychology includes topics about the growth and development of learners, heredity and environment, individual differences of learners, potential characteristics and behavior of learners, the measurement process and outcomes of education and learning, mental health, motivation and interests, as well as other disciplines relean.

Meanwhile, according to Syaodih Sukmadinata in Sagala Saiful said that the object of study of educational psychology is the interaction between educators with learners to improve the ability of learners, with the support means and certain facilities which took place in a particular environment.

Educationalpsychology seeks to realize the psychological action right in the interaction among all educational factors. Psychological knowledge about learners become very important in education. Therefore, knowledge of educational psychology should be a requirement for teachers, even for every person who realizes himself as an educator.

Broadly speaking, many experts limit the object of study of educational psychology into three kinds: Regarding the "learning", which includes theories, principles, and behavioral characteristics of learners, and so forth;

Regarding the "learning process", ie, stage acts and events that occur in the activities of learners; Regarding "learning situation", the atmosphere and the environment, both physical and nonphysical related activities with learners.

C. Scope Educational Psychology

If we ask about the scope (scope) of educational psychology, meant to ask about anything that dibicarakn by educational psychology, it is based on various educational psychology books will be obtained different answers. Most of the book shows the wide scope, whereas other books show ingkup more narrow or restricted.

A much wider range of books are usually discussed in addition to the learning process also discusses the development, heredity and environment, mental health, learning evaluation and so on. While the book was more narrow in scope typically range in a matter of just learning process. This difference was highly influenced by the author's intention in writing the book. There are only intended to provide an introductory course, so pembahasanya the scope was quite extensive, but not exhaustive. Instead there is the scope of the discussion is not extensive, ranging in beljar process, but the discussion is quite profound. So, beleh is said that no two educational psychology books that show the scope of the same material properly. Nevertheless, basically educational psychology discusses the following matters:

1.       Heredity and Environment

2.      Growth and Development

3.      Potential and Characteristics of Behavior

4.   Results of Educational Process and Its Effect on Individuals Personalized and Social

5.      Mental Hygiene and Education and

6.      Evaluation of Education

Besides it is known that many educational psychology books that are not members of titles with the words of educational psychology, whereas the book was really educational psychology books, in the sense of the book discuss and explore the subject-specific subject of educational psychology. So to explore educational psychology senantisa not have to study the book called educational psychology.

But according to Sumadi Suryobroto (1987) Scope of educational psychology include:

1.  Knowledge of educational psychology: understanding the scope, purpose and history of the emergence of studying educational psychology

2.      Carriage

3.      Physical and psychological environment

4.      The development of students

5.      Process - the process behaviour

6.      The nature and scope of the study

7.      Factors that affect learning

8.     Legal and learning theory

9.      Measuring education

10.  Practical Aspects of educational measurement

11.   Transfer of learning

12.  Studies basic statistics

13.  Mental health

14.  Education formed character / personality

15.   primary school education curriculum

16.  secondary school education curriculum
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