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Understanding Of Mental Health

Understanding Of Mental Health

A lot of understanding and definition of mental health given by experts in accordance with the view in their respective fields. Zakiah daradjat in his inaugural lecture as professor of mental health at One Of University in Indonesia "Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta" suggests four common formula adopted mental health experts. The fourth formulation compiled from special formulations up to the more common.

1. Mental health is avoiding one of the symptoms of mental disorders (Neurosis) and of the symptoms of mental illness (psychosis)

Various groups of psychiatry (psychiatric) welcomed this definition. A person is said to be mentally healthy if protected from disturbance or mental illness, namely the feeling anxious for no known reason, lazy, loss of enthusiasm to work in a person and if these symptoms increase will cause anxiety disease, neurasthenia, and hysteria. As for the mentally ill will usually have a different view with others is what is known as a madman.

2. Mental health is: the ability to adapt with ourselves, with others and society sera neighborhood where he lives.

This definition is broad and general as it relates to human life in general. According to this definition, a person is said to be mentally healthy when he controlled himself so avoid the pressures feelings or things that cause frustration. People who are able to adapt will feel happiness in life because it is not overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, restlessness, and discontent. Instead, it will have a high spirit in living his life. To be able to adjust to themselves, must first know yourself, accept what is, to act according to their ability and shortcomings. It does not mean to ignore others.
In this definition mentally healthy person is one who can master all the factors in his life, so as to avoid the pressures that lead to feelings of frustration.

3. Mental health is the knowledge and actions that aim to develop and utilize all potentials, talents, and traits that exist as much as possible, so as to bring the happiness of ourselves and others, and to avoid disturbances and mental illness.

This the definition is more emphasis on the development and utilization of all power and innate inborn, so it really brings benefit to others and himself.
In this case one must develop and exploit its potential and not to the talent that is not good for growth that will take him on a life of unhappiness, anxiety and inner conflict. Someone who develops the potential to harm others, defraud, or harm him, can not be said to have a mentally healthy. Due to exploit the existing potential in him to sacrifice the rights of others.

4. Mental health is the realization of genuine harmony between the functions of the soul, as well as having the ability to deal with problems that are common, and feel positively happiness and her abilities.

Someone said to have a healthy mind if avoid the symptoms of mental illnesses by exploiting its potential to harmonize the functions of the soul in him. Anxiety and anxiety in a person disappear when the function of the soul inside him like mind, feelings, attitudes, life, views, and beliefs of life go hand in hand, causing harmony within himself.

The harmony between mental function and action can be achieved among others by running religious teachings and tried to apply the norms of social, legal, and moral. Thus creating peace of mind that causes happiness in him. This definition indicates that the functions of the soul as the mind, feelings, attitudes, views and beliefs, should support each other and work together to create a harmony of life, that's disconnected from nature hesitant and indecisive, as well as avoid the anxiety and inner conflict.

It could be said that mental health is avoiding someone from the symptoms of the disorder and mental illness, can adapt, can take advantage of all potential and existing talent as possible and brought happiness together, and enhance the harmony of the soul in life. There are some important definitions that need to explain the concept of mental health zakah Daradjat.

  • Understanding concerning the establishment of genuine harmony between mental functions are growing all the potential psychiatric be balanced so that people can reach their health physically and mentally and to avoid conflict of inner turmoil, doubt, and feelings in the face of the drive and desire.
  • Understanding the creation of adjustment between man and himself is the attempt to adopt a healthy way of self that includes the establishment and development of the full potential and power contained in human beings as well as the level of the ability to utilize the potential and power as optimal as possible so that adjustment to bring prosperity and happiness to themselves and others.
  • The notion of a healthy adjustment to the environment and society is a guide to improve the state of society and himself as members. That is, humans not only meet the demands of society and made repairs in it but also to build and develop themselves harmoniously in society. This can only be achieved if each individual in society is equally trying to improve ourselves continuously within the boundaries of the blessed God.
  • Understanding is based on faith and piety is a matter of harmony earnest between the functions of psychiatric and adjustment between human beings with himself and his environment can only be realized in a good and perfect if this the effort is based on faith and piety to Allah SWT. Thus, the religious factor plays a big role in terms of mental health.
  • Understanding aims to achieve a meaningful and happy life in this world and hereafter are mental health aims to realize a good life, prosperous, and happy for man inwardly and outwardly both physical and spiritual, as well as the world and the hereafter.
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